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"I wanted you to know that this past show is Richmond was by far the best run show of all we have attended."

"Many, many kudos to Gilmore Enterprises! They produce fantastic shows, keep out buy/see and treat [exhibitors] with respect. Other promoters could learn from them as to how to create partnerships with the [exhibitors.] " (Sunshine Artist Magazine, Letters to Editor, September 2011, pg. 5-6.)

"If you are looking for a great promoter to work with, the Gilmores are it. They do their part. The rest is up to the crafter." One exhibitor to Sunshine Artist Magazine, September 2010, page 51.

"The Gilmores always excel at advertising, and this show was no exception." One exhibitor about Roanoke, VA to Sunshine Artist Magazine, September 2010, page 54.

" We just finished the Richmond VA show and it was a recorded breaker spring show for us and we have about 27 years in the business.  We were amazed (our first time to do this show) at the customer response.  Thank you for allowing us to be there. "

" This was my 8th year in Myrtle Beach. Sales are always consistent. There is a wide range of quality from country crafts, to high end jewelry, paintings, furniture, photography,and sculptures. Every booth is professionally done, so it gives a more upscale look to the show. Expect large crowds to early afternoon, then it tapers off. Mr Gilmore does an incredible job with his advertising as he shows great concern for everyone's success. Many tourist, as well as the locals,and people with 2nd homes coming to the show. Because this show is well established, it brings collectors coming back. This show is worth a try, as it brings a wide range of customers. If you have not done a Gilmore show it's certainly worth a shot, if not this one, he does offer many more shows that could fit into your schedule. One thing you can count on, he will give it his all, and will bring in the people, remember its still up to you to create the sale."

"You set the standard for what promoters should be -- aware, honest, professional. You treat artists as artists. You never call us "vendors." You advertise. You are, hands down, the best promoters I've worked with, and thats going a far piece. Your employees reflect your high work ethic, and it is incredible to see you in person at every show. I'm proud to have been in your shows."

“Your organization is all about doing everything you can to make your shows the best they can be. We, the exhibitors are the beneficiaries of that hard work.”

"Our customers had nothing but praise for the advertising and quality of the show -- and we must agree, the quality shown by the other exhibitors was first rate."

“The Family of Artisans - It’s always a homecoming!”

“Gilmore Enterprises is the top promoter for the Mid-Atlantic region.”

“Everything concerning your management, advertising and conduct of the show - you stand way above all other promoters.”

“Good attendance and publicity, nice customers and helpful staff.”

“Advertising was great, total saturation of the area.”

“Layout of show. Facility. Easy in and out. Response of staff. Refreshments - Thanks.”

“Your shows surely offer the BEST of what there is for quality, bar none. And you certainly bring in the people. ”

" Thank you so much for your kind response to us. It is a genuine pleasure to deal with you. There are no shows in the country that treat artists with greater consideration and respect than yours. "

"We had an OUTSTANDING show in Richmond. Thanks again for doing a GREAT job on the show. You need to start a "PROMOTERS SCHOOL" TO SHOW HOW IT'S DONE RIGHT!!!

Thanks again and God Bless you all"

"As a new exhibitor with your organization, I wanted to  write to you all and tell you how much I enjoyed the craft shows this year.   I’ve been in this business for 18 years and I appreciate all of your  hard work at putting together excellent shows.  Even with the economy  being what it is, the attendance and customer participation was great.
I  heard and received many positive comments and the customers seemed to be glad  to be there and were having a good time.  I believe the return ticket  policy, no parking fees for return customers, the decorations, sitting areas  for customers, etc., all were appreciated by the customers (and exhibitors as  well).  I look very forward to working with you all again next year!!! "

“The constant flow of traffic all day long!! The incredible advertising! As first time exhibitors this year with Gilmore, we are impressed, overwhelmed and greateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Craftsmen’s Classics. They’re wonderfully run shows!”

“I am continually amazed at your sensitivity and consideration of both the vendors & customers.”

“When I come to your shows, I am stress free. I know that I’ll be among friends and every detail will be taken care of.”

“Thank you for taking good care of us!!!”

"We just wanted to tell you how impressed we were with your organization and quality of your Shows…We had a wonderful response to our miniatures! Our customers are anxiously awaiting our return so they can add to their collections."

"Well publicized. Reasonable hours. Well organized."

"Easy Load-in."

"I like the layout of the show and the exhibitor’s lounge."

"I'd like to take this opportunity to say how much I have appreciated your friendliness and professional efficiency over the years. It has been a pleasure working with you."

"I love doing your shows... I think that your niceness rubs off on all the exhibitors. This traveling life style makes it hard to set down roots at home... so attending your shows makes it feel like a how away from home!"

"The customer base is very appreciative and knowledgeable."

"As usual – a very well run show!"

"I like the atmosphere, other exhibitors, management, facility and the supper helpful workers."

"Setting up was really great. Layout was very balanced. Advertising was very thorough, as always."

"The wonderful Gilmore organization. We sing your praises to everyone."

"Well designed, well laid out, pleasant atmosphere, nice facility."

"Good advertising, quality vendors and the show was what it was represented to be. No suprises!"

"I was a first time exhibitor this year at the Richmond Christmas Classic and I wanted to thank you guys for a great experience. I had only done outdoor shows to this point and I was blown away with the organization, cleanliness, and the turn out. What a great promoter! I would be honored to do another Gilmore Show in the future and I'm telling all of my friends the same thing. So thank you guys so much."

"Well organized, excellent publicity, lots of customers."

"I always appreciate the extensive advertising!"

"Thank you for making my first experience with your org. a great one! I was pleased with the response I recieved for my lamps, plus I earned enough that the 28 hour round trip from Michigan was worth it!!! I look forward to seeing you in Greensboro."

"Just wanted to thank you so much for accepting me to all the shows I applied for this Fall. I am so thrilled! I did well at Spring Richmond and fantastic at Spring Chantilly. Can't wait for Myrtle Beach!"

"Organization, location, The ads were wonderful! Our customers told us how much you advertised – they were impressed. Many customers drove an hour and a half to come to the show and from the next state. They said it is the only show they attend."

"We just returned from the Columbia, SC show and are so impressed with the Gilmore organization! This was our first Gilmore show, so we didn't know what to expect, but we were so pleased with the results. You guys definitely know how to put on a show! From the extensive Advertising to the easy set-up, breakdown and outstanding vendor support - we are so, so impressed!"

"Of all the shows we've done yours have been the very best organized and friendly people to deal with, and always put a good crowd in your shows..."

"Your advertising has to be the best done in the industry. It is well done and done often. Obviously effective. At a time when promoters are skimping more and more on this vital piece of the event, thank you for countinuing to excel in this area."

"Your shows are well organized and easy to do. Thank you again."

"I just want to thank you again for such a fantastic weekend? Not only did the show break all of the previous attendance records, it broke every sales record I have ever set. I didn't exactly realize it until I got home and did my figuring, but WOW! What a show!"

"Your shows are well organized and easy to do. Thank you again"

"The March Chantilly show was a record one for me. Thanks for all your efforts to produce a successful show. Much appreciated!"

"I have participated in this show for 14 years and it is ALWAYS on of my best shows. We consistently make 20 times booth fee or more. It is one of those shows that you can count on year after year. In my opinion Gilmore Enterprises is the granddaddy of promoters on the east coast. Clyde and Tami Gilmore and staff do an excellent job. Problems that may arise are addressed immediately and with professionalism. Advertising is done with many ads on major TV networks, radio spots, newspaper ads, billboards, and discount coupons. The balance of media is outstanding, load in and out is easy and porters are available to tohose who need them, exhibitor booth appearance is professional, and buy sell is kept out of the shows. I have done a few "non-Gilmore" shows this year, and the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence. If you are lucky enough to ba juried member of the Craftsmen's classic shows, you could make a very good living just doing the shows they promote."


"Just wanted to drop a note to you and the staff to let you know how much I enjoyed my Charleston Gilmore show experience.

What a pleasure to work with such professionals!

Of particular note:

-well organized move-in and move-out (with nice music!)...

-upbeat music during the show to put buyers in a shopping mood.

-pleasant voices from you, Tami and Clyde in the rare instances when nedded to use the microphone.

-upscale shoppers and nicely filled aisles on Sunday.

-the exhibitor lounge.

-and maybe one of the most important things to me...seeing show management around during the move-in and move-out process to direct traffic, answer questions, and generally just be around in case there are any issues to be resolved. I, for one, am a heart patient and truly appreciate your presence. How nice that you all respect your crafters enough to not just "take your money and run" as soon as the show is over!

Thank you all again for such a wonderful experience."